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PumpkinFresh® was developed by Joel Mayo in 1999 in a small garage in the heart of Portland, Oregon; the environmentally “green” capital of the nation.  Keeping Mother Earth in mind, we created our formula to work miraculously, yet still be earth friendly; non-toxic and biodegradable. 

To this day, PumpkinFresh® is still manufactured right here in the good ol' USA and continues to be a family operation, dedicated to family fun...  after all, a family who carves pumpkins together, stays together -- "that's what we always say".

Before the development of PumpkinFresh®, there was a major need for a way to preserve carved pumpkins so that they could last longer...  We all wanted to enjoy our carved pumpkins longer, throughout as much of the Halloween season as possible.  For years, unproven, unfounded methods have circulated the web of home remedy ideas portrayed to do the trick, such as, greasing up your pumpkin with Vaseline®, or spraying it down with WD40® automotive engine spray -- "and don't dare add a candle to the mix!"  Mind you; both of these products, according to their labels, are flammable, not to mention they just don't work for preserving pumpkins... additionally, neither of these methods are environmentally sound.  Most of these processes have proven to be bogus and useless, not to mention very messy. Please note: Vaseline® and WD40® are great products that I would highly recommend, but only for their intended uses, not to treat your carved pumpkins... for preserving your carved pumpkin masterpiece, PumpkinFresh® is the smart, clean answer without a doubt!

Now, with PumpkinFresh®, spray-on pumpkin preserver, carved pumpkins last so much longer than ever before!  PumpkinFresh® is used by hundreds of pumpkin carvers every year, not only nationally, but globally as well. 

Finally, a simple, clean and easy pumpkin preserver that really works, and works amazingly!  

PumpkinFresh® is definitely the product to try this Halloween season!  Pass it on!





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