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How It Works

Below is an example of how PumpkinFresh® works.  In this experiment, a single pumpkin was cut into two halves.  The half on the left hand side (A) was spray treated with PumpkinFresh®, while the half on the right hand side (B) was left untreated.  Over a two week period, and under mild temperate conditions, the pumpkin half which was treated with PumpkinFresh® (A), is noticeably preserved far better than the pumpkin half on the right hand,  untreated side (B).  As you can see, in a very short time, the untreated pumpkin half (B) is overcome by extreme mold, rot and decay. (see photos below)

  DAY 1:  Both halves are freshly cut.  Side A is spray treated with PumpkinFresh®.
  DAY 2:  Both halves appear normal.
  DAY 3:  While side A appears to shine, side B shows early signs of age, and appears to be distorting in shape.
  DAY 4:  Side A still appears stable, yet side B is now showing signs of mold buildup.
  DAY 5:  Mold continues to grow on side B.
  DAY 6:  As you can see, side B is quickly aging, as mold overtakes it.  Side A continues to be stable and  appears still fresh.
  DAY 7:  While side A holds its freshness, shape and smell, side B now begins to loose shape, and becomes soft with decay and mold, as well as emitting a very foul odor.
  DAY 8:  No real changes to side A.
  DAY 9:  By day 9, as you can see, there is a slight discoloration to the left side of side A, yet it continues to hold its shape, and still resists mold and decay.
  DAY 10:  Some slight mold is beginning to finally appear on side A.
  DAY 11:  Side A is still fairly stabilized.
  DAY 12:  You can see that some breakdown in shape to side A, though surprisingly it still emits a pleasant odor.
  DAY 13:  Towards the end of the two week period, there is an extremely noticeable difference to both halves of the pumpkin.
  DAY 14:  End of experiment.
Clearly, at the end of this two week experiment, you can see why PumpkinFresh® should be used on your pumpkins...  Especially if you've spent valuable time and effort to carve it into your personal masterpiece.  To extend the life span of your pumpkin, it is advised that you spray treat pumpkins with PumpkinFresh® daily, to preserve pumpkins best.  It is advised that pumpkins be kept in cool shaded areas to prolong pumpkin life.  Results may vary, depending upon climate and weather conditions.



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