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How to Preserve a Pumpkin


Finally, the old task of desperately trying to keep your family’s Halloween pumpkin from rotting away before the big night is long awaited, but the wait is now over.  Follow these tips and your carved Halloween pumpkin will stay fresher, longer: 

First off, you will definitely need to purchase our product; PUMPKIN FRESH pumpkin preserver.  PUMPKIN FRESH is a convenient spray on formula that easily treats and preserves freshly carved pumpkins.  Once spray treated, let it dry to create a protective barrier.  PUMPKIN FRESH is not only very clean and easy to use, with no residue and absolutely no cleanup involved, it is earth-friendly; non-toxic and bio-degradable, and it's made right here in the good ol' USA. 

Let’s face it, we pumpkin carvers put a lot of time into that long awaited moment of carving our Halloween pumpkin masterpieces, and we don’t want them to spoil and rot before we’ve really gotten to fully enjoy them… we want them to last, don’t we?  PUMPKIN FRESH is definitely the best way to go when it comes to preserving your Halloween pumpkins, for certain.

Depending on the climate of where you live, there are other various precautions that you may take… for instance, if you live in a warmer climate, a pumpkin will dehydrate much faster, which in turn will shorten its life span.  For those living in warmer climates we recommend that you try refrigerating your pumpkin during the evening hours when you aren’t awake to enjoy it.  This little task will noticeably prolong the life to your pumpkin, as long as there is room in your refrigerator to accommodate it.  If room is limited in your refrigerator, a cool dark place such as a garage or basement will do, but remember this; storing a pumpkin on a concrete surface will most definitely draw out the moisture that a pumpkin needs to retain in order to stay fresh…if this moisture dissipates, your pumpkin will not last very long at all, no matter how much PUMPKIN FRESH is applied.  The important thing is to keep it cool, but not damp, out of direct sunlight, and away from any warm air, or heat source. 

One other trick to preserving your pumpkin is to use artificial light, such as a battery operated flashlight or light source, instead of a candle when illuminating it.  The flame of a candle burns extremely hot; therefore the pumpkin has a probability factor of drying out, and aging much faster, especially if the top of the pumpkin is left covered, restricting the flow of heat from the candle to disperse.  Using an artificial light source is a much cooler, safer way to have fun, while still being able to enjoy a lighted Jack O’ Lantern.

Beware!  Some bogus rumors have been floating around the internet that have claimed that petroleum jelly, and/or WD-40® (automotive cleaner and lubricant) works to preserve pumpkins... these bogus claims are not only false, but extremely dangerous!  Both petroleum jelly, as well as WD-40® can become flammable!  After all, both are made with petroleum, and petroleum is a fuel based compound.  Using a candle in a pumpkin that has a flammable substance on it can be very hazardous, not to mention the greasy, messy film now covering your pumpkin, which can get all over everything it comes in contact with.  Though petroleum jelly, as well as the product; WD-40® are great products for their intended uses, using them to protect your pumpkin from rot and decay is not your best choice. 

PUMPKIN FRESH spray-on pumpkin preserver is created with safety in mind.  Again, PUMPKIN FRESH is a unique, powerful formulation that is safe to use, and is earth friendly; non-flammable and biodegradable.

Whatever manner you choose to keep your carved Halloween pumpkin fresh this year, remember, for children’s sake, safety should be our main focus and concern, while enjoying a happy Pumpkin Halloween season.







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